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Belly Dance Art, Graphics & Vintage Art

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 There is an ever growing market in capturing our dance form in art.  Below are artists, links to art work & their creators, graphics plus vintage art.   





drawing by Lysa L. ©

Artist Links

The Art of Lacy Chenault - art work by Lacy
Art of Laura Tempest Schmidt
- art work by Laura
Artwork Inspired by Belly Dancing
(linked to Shira's page.  A great source for Belly Dancing)
Bellydancers - art work by Kelly Hawes
Catherine Eyde - art work by Catherine
Greeting Cards by Eve Morris - Eve is located in the U.K.
Gypsy Fire Art Gallery - art work by C.A. Segall
Joyful Dancer - card gallery
Morgan's Dancer page - presented by bellydanceart.com
Sanndi Art - art work by Sanndi
Stephanie Bolton - art work by Stephanie

Belly Dance e-Cards

E-cards by Sarah Skinner and others from BellyDancer.info - best of all there free!

E-cards from Belly Dance Stuff

Middle Eastern Graphics

Clip Art for Dancers (Shira has saved everyone time by selecting middle eastern theme graphics and placing them on her page)
Joyful Dancer CD ROM Collection - You can have a set of high quality .tif files for your own use on publicity materials and pages. -- VOL 1: Classic cabaret style bellydancers, musicians, props, camels and more. 70 .tif files -- VOL 2: Ethnic Dancers, ATS style dancers, historical, musicians, props, etc. (some files duplicated on both CD's) -- CD Rom clipart collections: $30 each, or $50.00 for both
Me'ira's Clip Art for Dancers (linked to Shira's page)
Neferchichi's Egyptian Graphics 
1001nights.de - clip art for printing and websites.  Some are copyright so ask permission first.

Middle Eastern Art

Art.com - exotic & belly dance art
Fine Art America
- belly dance art
Gallery of Mideastern Dance and Costuming Postcards
- from LotsofPhotos.com
Harem Painting - by various orientalist artists

Vintage Belly Dance Art - here you will find French postcards, engravings, pin-up girls and much, much more.

I have viewers email me all the time wanting to purchase the art in this section.  I don't sell any of the works of art in the Vintage Belly Dance Art pages.  I find my art work in antique stores, antique swap meets, garage sales and on eBay (search harem).

You can purchase art work from the following websites:

  • Arabic Art - Orientalist paintings gallery
  • Belly Dance Museum - Film posters featuring belly dancers. Photos of historic belly dance artist and more.



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Cairo Belly Dancers - short video from National Geographic

Spotlight Link
Translations of 1930s Gossip Column in a Local Cairo Paper
“New and Second Hand Costumes: Our Elegant and Not So Elegant Dancers” & "Madame Badia Masabni"
Translations by Priscilla Adum

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