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The Many Styles of Belly Dance

I placed a survey on my page asking, "Which style of belly dancing do you prefer?"  I received 149 votes.  Below I have placed the survey with the results.  This survey was taken August 2001.  I received several comments on what is the difference between all these dance styles, so I created this page.  Listed below are some of the styles of belly dancing with articles and websites that represent these styles.  I will be adding to the page when I find new sources and when new styles are born. 




American Cabaret Egyptian
Egyptian Folkloric & Ethnic General Information
Gypsy Historical
Persian Tribal
Tribal Fusion  

American Cabaret  return to top

American Belly Dance basically comes in two different styles Cabaret and American Tribal. Cabaret style is the glitzier more flamboyant of the two styles.  We have taken the Egyptian style of the dance and made it our own.  We incorporate the use of the veil during a section of a routine.  Most U.S. dancers do not dance any pure form of the dance, but add other influences such as jazz, ballet, and Spanish and call it American Style Belly dance.

American Tribal

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See also

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Which style of belly dancing do you prefer?

August 2001, 149 votes

American Cabaret (21) 14%
Tribal (22) 15%
Egyptian Folkloric (9) 6%
Turkish (9) 6%
Gypsy (14) 9%
Egyptian (39) 26%
Persian (3) 2%
Tribal Fusion (8) 5%
Goddess (9) 6%
Historical/ethnic (8) 5%
Other (7) 5%

Same survey question, Oct. 2003, 385 votes

American (33) 9%
Tribal (26) 7%
Egyptian (123) 32%
Egyptian Folkloric (14) 4%
Egyptian Pop (26) 7%
Persian (11) 3%
Tribal Fusion (17) 4%
Goddess (28) 7%
Historical/ethnic (6) 2%
Greek (16) 4%
Turkish (45) 12%
Gypsy Rom (31) 8%
Other (9) 2%



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