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This page is designed to give you ideas and sources on how  to make your own costumes. Let your creativity run wild when you design your one of a kind costumes. New items will be added when I run across them.  Have fun and start sewing.



Bra Construction 

Costuming Websites 

Makeup and Decoration 


Belly Dance Costumes - by Salome from Orientaldancer.net

Best Foot Forward: belly dance footwear - by Princess Farhana

Blousy Dance Pants - by Salome from Orientaldancer.net

Cairo's Costume Disasters - by Leyla Lanty.  Tacky, bizarre and surprising costumes worn by Cairo's stars of oriental dance.  Plenty of photos. Article from the Gilded Serphant.

The Costume - Description of American Nightclub, Tribal Fusion and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi costumes.  Great color photos showing the various costumes.  Tribal Fusion contains a section on makeup.  - from The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shria)

Costume Hints for Resale Value - by Princess Farhana

Costumes - This page is to be used as a reference for you to understand costumes for Middle Eastern Dance and maybe create your own or at least find a new way to use an existing piece of costuming. - from Middle Eastern Dance page

Costumes for Various Styles of Oriental Dance - from the paper, Origins of Oriental Dance, by Me'ira 

How Much Should You Pay for a Costume? Or, Wear Your Costume, Don't Let It Wear You! - by Michelle 

Making Wise Choices in the Belly-Dance Wear Market-place - by Susi

Raqqin' the Retro: vintage belly dance costume care and repair - by Princess Farhana

The secret to getting a great fit "off the rack" - by Dahlal from OrientalDancer.net website

Tailoring an Off-The-Shelf Costume - by Michelle



The Cloth of Egypt: all about assuit - by Dawn Devine

Costuming From the Hip
Costuming from the Hip is a comprehensive reference for anyone who works with Middle Eastern dancewear. Dancers, costume makers, designers, and historical re-enactors will like the many illustrations, historical patterns, construction techniques, and hundreds of hints and tips. This 120-page book will take you step-by-step through measuring your body, researching your costume, laying out the patterns, fitting it, and accessorizing your creation.
Spiral-bound - 120 pages (September 1, 1997)
Ibexa Press; ISBN: 0967817005

Embellished Bras: basic techniques
, (workshop in a book)
by Dawn Devine Brown, with photography by Barry Brown
Ibex Press, 64 pages, 2003
ISBN 0-9678170-6-4

From Turban to Toe Ring
by Dawn Devine Brown, Barry Brown

From Turban to Toe Ring is a guide for designing and making tribal-fusion belly dance wear. This style, which originated in the San Francisco dance community and has spread world-wide, is fast becoming one of the most popular costuming options. Tribal-fusion costuming is an assemblage of design elements pulled from many different tribal, rural, and nomadic peoples from North Africa, across the Near and Middle East, and as far away as India. Surface design techniques, articles of clothing, and jewelry components are fused together to create a look that blends all of these items into an exciting and uniquely individual image for each dancer.
102 pages, spiral-bound
Publication date March 2000
Ibexa press, ISBN 0967817013

Skirting the Issues and Pants for the Dance
by Dawn Devine
Paperback: 84 pages
Publisher: Ibexa Press (November 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615566251
ISBN-13: 978-0615566252

Search Amazon for more books on belly dance costuming


Costuming Websites 

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shira) - Ask the Costume Goddess, (very in-depth page on costuming) 
History of Costume - Index - by Braun & Schneider - c.1861-1880
How to Make Belly Dance Costumes - variety of videos on making costumes
What Were They Thinking - Belly dance costumes that make you wonder...



Costumer's Notes - This monthly eNewsletter features articles, links, reading lists, product reviews and more.  Edited by Dawn "Davina" Devine Brown, publisher of "From Turban to Toe Ring" and "Costuming from the Hip".

Bra Construction 

Constructing a 'Cabaret-Style' Costume Bra - from Anthea's website


Custom Headgear - FAQ's from Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide.

Six Simple Steps to the Perfect Turban - by Sukara


and Decoration

Choosing the Right Foundation - by Makeda from OrientalDancer.net website

Customs of Middle Eastern Makeup and Decoration - FAQ's from Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide.

Eyeshadow Techniques - by Makeda from OrientalDancer.net website

Henna Tattooing (Mehndi) - FAQ's from Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide.

Know Your House: how to make sure your face matches your performance space - by DeVilla

Navel Jewels - FAQ's from Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide.

Performance Pretty: caring for your skin - by Princess Farhana

Belly Dance Patterns
In this section are websites that contain directions and patterns on making Belly Dance costumes and websites that sell Belly Dance patterns.  Have fun creating your own costumes.

Costume patterns & Instruction

Online Patterns - links from Shira's website

Where to buy Belly Dance patterns

B.D. Patterns - patterns for skirts, tops, pants, dresses, coats and more.

Belly Dance Costume Pattern: where to get them - info from Shira's page.

Madame X Costumes - a few patterns listed



Making a Semicircular Veil - instructions from Shira's website.


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